2016 SEO Tricks That’ll Help You Rank

What is the key to rank well on Google? Yeah! I know you are thinking about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is the main key getting visitors toward your website and rank well.

But over the last 5 years of my SEO life, I’ve learned that only SEO is not the key for success. Now a day’s Content is King, powerful content attract more and more visitors toward website. Through the success and fails of experience, I’ve been able to create a lot of tricks that help me take any website and boost its SEO rankings.

Powerful titles and descriptions

Titles are the main and important part of the website and when it comes to write titles for search engines, you must know that…………………. you have only 65 characters to write your best headlines.

Why you have to write your title in 65 characters?

You could write long headlines, but if it crosses 65 characters then it will get cut off. According to MOZ “Google typically displays the first 50-60 characters of a title tag, or as many characters as will fit into a 512-pixel display.”

You can see below how is it work:


You can see the red mark, it show that Google display only 65 character headlines. So, keep it short and powerful.

Here are some other tips you must know while writing titles for website:

  • Important keyword in titles – You should place Important Keywords Close to the Front of the Title Tag. Mostly people scan the first keyword of title.
  • Use brand name in titles – Now a days it is in trend to use your brand name in title tag. You can put it in the last of title. Like: “Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Brand Name”
  • Make it emotional – All knows that “First impression in last impression” So writing a great title will pull in more visitors from the search result.
  • Must be clear – While writing a title, must considered that your readers should know what your website is about in 65 character of title.

Optimized URLS

Your website URL must be optimized. Let me show you what I mean.


Neil Patel’s used the optimized title tag for SEO and click rates. It is optimized because he uses the keyword “SEO Techniques” and it is clickable because of “Double your search” which is very attractive and powerful.

Now check out the url “10-advanced-seo-techniques-thatll-double-your-search” he also use the main keyword in his url structure. According to MOZ, if website url contain main keyword then it will helps in rank above and getting more visitors.

Great Meta Description

Meta Description is also an important element you must optimize. Meta description provides the important explanations of the contents of web pages.


If you want to view the source code, then the tag looks like this:


If you are using a WordPress plugin like Yoast SEO, then you’ll find a form at the bottom of your blog editor. Like that:


The optimal length of Meta Description for Search Engine is 155 characters. If you are talking about the click then Meta Description is not important because people don’t seem pay nearly as much attention to the description. But Meta Description effects on SEO ranking which means it is important from an SEO ranking perspective. So don’t ignore it!

Maintain important Keywords

Always maintain your keyword density, don’t use keyword stuffing. Use one keyword not more than two times in On-Page seo and don’t use same keywords is different web pages.

Add social sharing

Most SEO experts believes that Social sites will impact on search result:


So, use social button on your website for taking advantages of the social media. Make sure that the buttons are easily visible to people.

Content is King

The most important part in SEO, You can do all things which I mention above, but if you don’t have a powerful content, no tricks will helps you to attract visitors toward your site.

If you want to write a great content then take time in searching more about the topics and then write the best one. You can check these posts also, it will helps you to write a great content:

By using these all tricks and a great content, you are able to increase your visitors

P.S. If you want more SEO tricks click here.

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