11 Types of Marketing Emails for Boosting Your Prospective Sales

Emails are used for building a strong network while marketing your service or product. Cold emails are an effective marketing strategy to attract your target audience through the digital medium. Try these 11 types of marketing emails to add on to your sales plan and improve the number of your prospects.

1. Introducing self

By the very term, you can understand that you use this type of cold email to introduce yourself and your service to your prospects. It is an attempt to gather business acquaintances. Once you get a reply mail, you can push your relationship a little longer to meet the person or jump on a phone call in future.

2. Promoting sales in near future

Through this mail you target a person to buy your services in near future. The result can be two ways: Either the person may come into contact in near future to learn more about you and utilize your services or he may be put off not to get back to you forever. Still, it can fetch the right person for you in the right time when you try this type of cold email in a consistent manner.

3. Pitching the ground for sales at slow pace

It sets a soft pitch for building relationships with your target audience. You introduce self and the company’s services to your target audience and express your wish to get into contact with them when their time permits.

4. Combining social media with cold email

Social Media like Twitter and Face book is the strongest platform for you to improve your network. When you combine social media and cold email strategy, it works wonders for you. Sending a connection request on LinkedIn to be followed by an email would strengthen your relationship and reminds the person of your request. It also ensures that the person has your email address for future contacts and meetings.

5. Inviting discussions for your blog posts

You can use blog posts as a mooting point for discussion and invite people to discuss your blogs through emailing them. That way, you try to connect to people and also showcase that you wish to share information about a subject ad has expert knowledge in the subject as well.

6. Suggesting a visit to the prospects via meeting local clients

Suppose you want to go for a meeting in person, you cannot drop a visit without announcement. Instead, you can send an email stating that you wish to meet some clients in that particular area and also wish to stop by the prospective client. It is also a way to make the client understand that you have a number of clients in his area.

7. Dropping the name of a common acquaintance in the email

Dropping the name of a person who is known to your prospective client in the email is a good strategy for introducing yourself with credibility. There can be a positive response from the person since he understands that you know someone in his network.

8. Seeking advice through cold email

Asking for advice can be a means to push your conversation forward with a client. If the person really gets interested in you, he will respond to you over phone or mail and this would push your conversation forward.

9. Offering help at free of cost

By offering your prospects free advice on a topic in which you consider yourself to be an expert, you get an opportunity to extend your conversation and drag the prospects into a business deal in course of time. All you need to do is to introduce yourself, your subject expertise and the way you can help the person.

10. Introducing a common friend for building relationship

Through your cold email, you connect your prospective client to a friend who can help him. It sets the backdrop for you to carry on your conversation with the person in future.

11. Building network via carrying forward acquaintances found in conferences

When you try to network, you attend conferences and seminars. You can use a cold email to continue your acquaintance with a person and in most of the cases the person will surely respond.

Using the subject line

While using cold emails as a marketing strategy, you should not forget to use the subject line. Use short, descriptive subject lines that state the purpose of your email. You can personalize the subject line also to attract your audience.


Try a variety of templates for cold emails and improve your network in course of time. It may take time to use these email types in an effective manner but your patience will surely pay off with improved network and more sales.